Celebrate health at Lakeview’s Health Screenings Fit Fun Day

Celebrate health at Lakeview’s Health Screenings Fit Fun Day

Did you know Health Screenings Fit Fun Day has 3 middle names?
Come, have a great time with us at Lakeview SDA! It’s free of charge too.

At the health event, we’re offering health screenings, including bone scans, concussions, blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

There are several doctors you can speak with to learn more information, including Travea Mcghie – Infectious Disease, Demi Pintea – Naturopath, Tami Mercurious – GYN and Jim Brooks – Family Practice.

The health screening event also includes attractive booths:

  • NeuroLIFE institute, Life University
  • WellStar
  • True Health TV
  • Alkaline Water / Internal Cleanse
  • MaYaSpeaks / Financial Health
  • Essential Oils
  • WellCare
  • Georgia Women in Agriculture
  • Pathfinders / Evangelism

Preventative health education:

  • Dr Demi Pintea, Naturalpath
  • Dr Florence Akin, Amazing Natural Health
  • MaYa Thornton, Preventive Health Educator
  • Esther King, RN BSN CDE
  • Dr Jennifer Rooke, Morehouse, Nutrition
  • Dr L Ray Matthews, Morehouse, Vit D

Looking for food demonstrations? We’ve got you covered with tutorials on how to make smoothies, curried plantain and even vegan cheese sauce. Yum!

Want to do something more active? There’s fitness fun. Or you can opt for something relaxing such as our prayer room, puppet show, gardening feature or foot massage.

Join us Sunday, Feb. 18 from noon to 4 p.m.


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