June Health Nugget

June Health Nugget

Carbonated Beverages Pt I

Would you knowingly put a waste product—something that your body has worked hard to get rid of—back into your system?  That’s what you do every time you down a carbonated beverage.  Carbon dioxide is a waste product that we get rid of every time we exhale.  Carbonated beverages are a waste product as well, providing no nutrients, but are full of toxic residue—phosphoric acid, caramel, coloring, and often mega doses of sugar and caffeine.  Individuals who drink carbonated beverages in place of water are engaging in a practice that is hazardous to their health.

The average American drinks 50 gallons of soda a year, rivaling coffee as our national beverage.

With a pH level of 3, carbonated water or soda is highly acidic and, when drunk, acidifies the blood as well, creating the perfect medium for cancer cells to flourish and for kidney stones to develop.  Our bodies need a more alkaline level for optimal health and, indeed, cancer cells cannot grow in such an environment.        ~Jim & Travea Brooks~

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